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UniProgy has been founded in 2010. Since then we have provided web and app development services and solutions to thousands of clients around the world.
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Save Money
Web and mobile app development services reached their peak these days. Projects like OnlyFans or HQ Trivia may cost up to tens of thousands of dollars to develop them from scratch. Fortunately you can easily save this money with ready-made products from UniProgy.
Save Time
In a brutal world of online business time plays an incredibly important role. It is absolutely crucial to release your product on the market as fast as possible. That is why our products are complete, well tested and ready to go. Get your business up and running within a couple of days or even hours.
Focus on Business
Our main mission is to let our clients do what they do best - conduct their business. While letting us take care of technology and development issues, helping you launch fast and grow quickly without any setbacks.


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ChatGPT, OpenAI's text-generating AI chatbot, has taken the world by storm. Incredibly, it's estimated that ChatGPT hit 100 million monthly active users in January 2023. This made it the fastest-growing application in history at the time.
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OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content, At the height of the pandemic, the platform saw a sharp increase in users and revenue. Today, OnlyFans has more than 50 million registered users and $2.5 billion net revenue.
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In 2018 people started gathering around a phone to take part in the day's round of HQ Trivia, a real-time quiz app where players can win real cash. App's prizes could reach $300,000 and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was a guest presenter on the 15-minute show. It's estimated that in February 2018, there could be 2.3 million people playing HQ Trivia at the same time.
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Groupon Clone

Groupon is a daily-deal group-buying service, launched in 2008. Within two years of its founding, Groupon was earning hundreds of millions a month in revenue and was valued at several billion dollars. In 2010-2015 UniProgy's Couponic was powering more than 5,000 of daily-deal websites similar to Groupon worldwide. It wast the most popular group-buying script on the market at that time. Success stories included multi-million dollar acquisitions of our clients' businesses.
Client Cases

Client Cases

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HugeDailyDeal.com, group buying website powered by UniProgy's Couponic took in first-year revenue of $1.3 million and allowed local consumers to purchase more than 55,000 coupons - nearly one for every five people in Buffalo. HugeDailyDeal's success and ultimate scalability came from two vital components: powerful software on the back end and effective marketing on the front end. With such a powerful combination, sales rose exponentially and the site was able to easily accommodate this degree of growth. The company was acquired by CrowdSavings.com in 2011.
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FC Bayern
World-famous football team FC Bayern from Munich, Germany has entrusted UniProgy to integrate our live video quiz solution "Outquiz" to the team's official mobile app for Christmas specials in 2018 and 2019. Games were hosted by celebrity players like Jérôme Boateng and Thomas Müller. Fans could win tickets to the team's games, access to VIP lounge and other fan-related prizes. After successful experience in 2018 FC Bayern returned for another special a year later.