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GPTier is a cutting-edge ChatGPT clone that empowers you to effortlessly deploy your own AI chatbot within minutes. With its familiar user interface, OpenAI's large language model running in the background, GPTier ensures a smooth transition for your users. Additionally, the built-in monetization feature allows you to monetize your platform, unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Online Demo

User Demo
User Interface
Online demo includes all features of our solution for ChatGPT clone. As a new user you will be awarded with 1,000 tokens to run a few tests.
Demo is reset every hour with default settings.
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Admin Interface
Please note that admin and user demo are connected to separate databases, so changes on one side will not be reflected on the other. This is done to ensure that you can test all features of our solution without affecting the demo for other users.
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Admin Demo

Key Features

Familiar UI

The user interface closely resembles the well-known ChatGPT, ensuring a comfortable experience for users.

Flexible Monetization

Users can choose from various payment options, including pay-as-you-go, bundles, and subscriptions. Admin can switch between free and paid modes for the whole platform.

API Proxy

ChatGPT or OpenAI API are banned or unusable in your region? No problem! We can install backend and frontend on separate servers for you even in different countries to bypass such restriction.

Versatile Sign-Up

Users can register and log in using email and password, including email verification. Additionally, they have the option to utilize popular social login platforms like Google, Facebook, and many others.

Response Streaming

Similar to ChatGPT, the AI's responses are streamed word by word, eliminating the need for users to wait for the entire output.

Enhanced Chat Formatting

The AI's responses are automatically analyzed for special formatting elements such as tables, lists, and dedicated code blocks. Each code block is accompanied by a convenient "copy code" button.

Technology Stack

Django Logo
Our backend is written in Django, a high-level Python web framework known for its robust security features, ease of use, and scalability, making it ideal for building secure and scalable web applications.
React Logo
Our frontend is written in React, a a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, offering excellent performance, flexibility, and a component-based architecture that enhances the user experience and simplifies development.
Tailwind Logo
Utility-first CSS framework that enables rapid UI development with its extensive set of pre-designed components and utility classes, allowing for easy customization and responsive design.
OpenAI Logo
OpenAI is a research laboratory that develops AI models for various applications. By default GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are available in the platform, but any other large language model can be easily integrated as long as it provides an API to interact with.
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What's included?

100% open source code for both backend and frontend
Free installation on your server and initial configuration
Basic customization: icon, logo and wording

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