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Hallway & Events


Shows a list of currently active rooms.


Users can create open (anyone can join), social (only followers can join) and closed (only chosen users can join) rooms, provide titles and description for them.


Users can create events in the future, other users can subscribe to notifications for that events, so they are notified when such event starts.


Speakers and listeners statistics is automatically updated on the backend. List of rooms always shows most up to date information.


Voice Chat

Low-latency audio chat fully supported.


Moderators can add/remove speakers, add/remove another moderators.


Moderator - appears when user is a moderator, Mute - when speaker has muted themselves, Speaking - avatar is highlighted when user is speaking.


Users can view each other profiles, which contains avatar, name, bio and an option to follow/unfollow them.

Free Installation

We provide full installation services, including server setup, basic mobile app changes (such as colors and logos) and App Store and Google Play submission assistance.

Source Code

We will provide full source code for mobile app and server side scripts. This means that you are free to modify everything, from design to programming.

Low-Latency Audio

Audio streaming is powered by Agora - world leader in live streaming services with lowest latency on the market.

Large Scale

Entire solution is ready for large scale. You will not have to worry about your audience growing.


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