First version of Couponic script was released in August 2010. At that time there were approximately 15-20 other solutions available on the market but we believed that none of them can give their owners that much features, extensibility, fair pricing and a lot of other benefits as Couponic could give. That's why despite the high level of initial competition Couponic quickly became one of the most popular group buying script on the net. Up to this moment Couponic powers more then 2,000 group buying websites.

While we have an online demo which is available for your testing at any time it's always nice to see a software in a production mode. Basically if you are thinking about buying Couponic you would like to see how it works live. That's the purpose of this demo section. Below you can find 18 Couponic-driven websites.

Please note that site owners are busy running their business and usually do not have time to promote Couponic. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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