• How much does Couponic cost? What do I get for $200?
    Base Couponic script license costs $200. It includes all features listed on this page: http://uniprogy.com/couponic/features/base. Also you can drastically extend Couponic by getting add-on modules. All modules are described here: http://uniprogy.com/couponic/features/modules.
  • Can I order add-on / extra modules later?
    Yes, you can order add-on modules anytime later. At this time I am not sure which domain will be used, can I get the script and install it locally for now? Yes, you can do that. Simply submit some temporary licensed URL and then change it to the real URL when you will be ready to go live.
  • Can I change licensed URL?
    Yes, you can change it at any time from your account.
  • Can I use Couponic on multiple domains / sites?
    No, Couponic license can be used on one domain only. If you plan to run Couponic on multiple domains you will need separate licenses for each of them. Although we do not restrict the number of installations within the same domain. For example you can have Couponic installed on domain.com, sub.domain.com and domain.com/sub using the same license.
  • Is there any hosting that you can recommend?
    Couponic doesn't have any uncommon server requirements, so currently we do not recommend some particular company. You should choose the one you prefer and contact their presale support so they can check our requirements list - http://uniprogy.com/requirements - and tell you if they are compatible or not. Also check this thread, please: http://uniprogy.com/forum/threads/1130-What-is-the-best-hosting-for-Couponic
  • How do you provide tech support?
    We currently have a progressive support via ticketing system with support points. Couponic comes with free 250 points. They can be used to open 50 support tickets that are not limited in time anyhow. Whenever you have a problem you simply submit a support ticket and our team will be there to help you. Usually 50 tickets are quite enough to get used to the script and continue using it.
  • How do I get Couponic updates?
    Couponic comes with 1 year of free updates (access to new versions). After that you can either stick to the latest version you\'ve got or prolong it for the next year for $75.
  • Do you provide full source code and full rights to modify?
    Yes, Couponic includes full source code. Not a single line of our code is encrypted. You are absolutely free to modify everything.
  • Can you install the script for us?
    Yes, we will install the script on your server for free.
  • Can you customize/change the script for us?
    UniProgy developers are available for custom work from time to time so please get in touch with us to find out current position. Alternatively we can recommend a few 3rd party developers or you can post a project on our freelance forum and find appropriate person there.
  • Is Couponic easy to customize (design, colors, logo)?
    Yes, it is fairly easy to customize. To change the logo you will only need to upload a file. As for design changes almost anything can be changed through a single CSS file. Take a look at our customers websites to see the level of customization that can be achieved.
  • Do I need MailChimp module? Can Couponic send emails without MailChimp module?
    Yes, Couponic can send emails on its own using your server resources for that. But if you expect your subscribers base to grow above 10,000 I recommend getting a MailChimp module. Script will have to send 10,000 emails every day using your server resources - this might take it down if it\'s not powerful enough.
  • How can I submit a support ticket?
    Login into your account - http://uniprogy.com/account - and click on "My Tickets" tab and then "Open a new ticket".
  • Can your script accept credit cards?
    PHP script cannot charge credit cards on it\'s own - there has to be something "behind". Couponic comes with Paypal and authorize.net integrations by default. So it works this way: users submit their credit card info on your site, Couponic send this info to the payment processor of your choice (Paypal or authorize.net) and processes the response. For the end user it will look like it all goes directly through your site.
  • Can I use your script without any programming skills?
    Yes, sure. We will install the script for you and all you will have to do is to manage everything from admin panel.
  • Can Couponic be used in any country?
    Yes, of course. You can add any cities, modify currency, change language and regional settings.
  • How merchants/vendors check whether coupon is valid?
    Vendors have their own control panel where they can see a full list of coupons sold for their deal and also mark them as used to prevent multiple usage of the same coupon.
  • Do I need an SSL certificate?
    Couponic comes with "credit card" module that allows your users to fill in their credit card info right on your site. After that script collects that info and sends to some gateway - such as Paypal or authorize.net - and then processes the response (successful payment / failed) and acts accordingly. You can disable this module and instead of paying on your site users will be redirected to the payment gateway (to Paypal for ex.). If you plan to use "credit card" module - then yes, you will need SSL cert, because in this case all payment pages need to be secure (https).
  • How soon will I get the script after I pay?
    You will be able to login into your account and download the script immediately after the payment.
  • Is Couponic secure?
    Couponic is based on Yii Framework - http://yiiframework.com - which is known to be very secure.
  • How do I pay the company (deals vendor)?
    When the deal is over you will see a new "pending" payment in admin -> deals -> payment. Couponic will automatically calculate how much do you owe the company (it will deduct your commission from the total raised amount of funds).
  • If I prefer to get you install the script for me - how long does it normally take?
    Due to a high demand of this service it will take 2 business days at maximum.
  • Can I have multiple deals on the homepage rather then one featured deal?
    Yes, in the latest version you can choose homepage behavior (one deal or multiple deals) in admin setup.
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