Deals: Wide Range of Settings

Unique Deal URL

Admin or merchant can assign a unique SEO-friendly URL to every deal. This is very useful for search engines promotion.

Admin or merchant can assign a unique SEO-friendly URL to every deal.This is very useful for search engines promotion.

Start/End Date & Time

Deals can be set to start in future - script will take care about showing them in the right order automatically. And it will also automatically hide it when the end time will be reached.

Couponic allows you to set a timezone for deals so you can feel safe about deals showing up at the right time for users around the world.

Admin can set timezone, start/end date & time for every deal.Couponic makes sure to show the right deal at the right time for all users around the world.

Coupon Buying Limits

Minimum Buyers Limit

How much buyers are required to "tip" the deal (make it available). If this minimum is not met until the deal end time it will be considered as "failed".

Maximum Buyers Limit

You can use this setting to set the top limit of the coupons which are allowed to be sold. When it is reached Couponic will not allow any more coupons to be bought.

Coupons Per User Limit

You can even specify the amount of coupons which is allowed to be sold for a single buyer.

Cities and Categories

Deals can be published to a single or multiple cities or even worldwide.

Deals can be added to categories.

Deals can be published to particular cities or worldwide.Deals can be added to categories.

Value, Discount, Price

Automatic Discount Calculation

You need to input deal value and price only - script will calculate discount percentage automatically everywhere across the site.

Multiple Purchase Options

You can post so called "sub-deals" - that's when one deal contains several purchase options. For ex. "massage for $5" and "2 massages for $7" - deal is still the same but it simply offers 2 purchase options.

Custom Coupon Price

Sometimes you need to sell a coupon that doesn't include a service itself, but includes a discount only. For ex. you can offer a coupon that costs only $1 but gives 50% discount on a dinner in a restaurant (no matter how much it will cost in the end - 50% discount still applies).

Multiple Purchase Options.Notice that discount is 50% while coupon costs only $1.


Fine Print, Highlights, Description

Description is a rich-text editor so you can post your HTML in a deal description.


You can add reviews to the deal and include review's author name and website.


You can add unlimited amount of images and embedded videos to your deal description.

Deals: Side Deals

If you have more then one deal to offer in one city at the same time you can use Couponic "side deals" feature to present all of them to your users.

When you create a deal you can specify its "priority" - that's what helps the script to understand whether the deal should show up as featured or as a "side" deal.

Furthermore Couponic creates automatic newsletters for featured deals only and simply adds a list of side deals to those "master" newsletters! This will help to keep your subscribers mailboxes clean because instead of multiple emails they will receive just one with all current deals listed inside.

Side Deals on a Featured Deal View Page.Side Deals in a Newsletter.

Deals: Payment Flow

Authorize & Capture

Couponic is one of those unique scripts that respect original daily deal rules - that is when users are not charged until the deal "tips". This feature is achieved with the help of authorize & capture methods which are supported by most payment systems, such as Paypal or

It works this way:

  1. User wants to buy a coupon.
  2. User fills in payment info (credit card info or maybe Paypal login - depends on the selected payment method).
  3. If the deal is not tipped yet Couponic tells payment system to "authorize" this payment only - this means that money will not be charged yet, they are only "blocked" at the moment.
  4. If the deal never becomes tipped Couponic will connect to the payment system API and will request the payment - which has been authorized already - to be "voided" (blocked funds will be released).
  5. If the deal successfully tips script will connect to the payment system API and will request all previuosly authorized payments to be "captured" - that is when funds actually get charged.

If your payment provider doesn't support authorize & capture Couponic will charge users no matter if the deal is tipped or not but it will refund all orders automatically if the deal fails.

Deals: Coupons

Redemption Code

For security and anti-fraud reasons Couponic generates unique redemption code for every coupon which it creates. This code is visible only for users when they print their coupons or load them into their phone.

When merchants want to "mark coupons as used" they must input that redemption code.

Redemption codes make both users and merchants feel safe. Users can be sure that merchant wouldn't accidentally mark their coupon as used and merchants can keep track of used coupons and prevent users from using same coupon twice.

Redemption codes are also presented as QR codes on coupon print view. These QR codes can be scanned by mobile apps or other devices.

Merchants can mark coupons as used only if they input correct redemption code.Redemption code is visible to users only on their coupon. It is also presented as a QR code.

Google Maps

Deal redeem locations are shown on deal info page and coupon print view through Google Maps.

Maps on deal view page.Maps on coupon print view.

Coupon on a Phone

Users can load their coupon online to their phone (no need to print in this case).

Coupons can be loaded on mobile phones.

Deals: Subscriptions

Subscription Settings

Users can choose city and categories they would like to subscribe to.

Users can choose city and categories they would like to subscribe to.

Automatic Newsletters

Every time you create a new deal script creates a newsletter for it automatically. It also respects featured-side deals relations and doesn't create multiple newsletters for deals within the same city - it adds them as "side" deals into the same newsletter instead.

Layout and Templates

Overall emails layout and individual email templates can be customized.

"Careful" Mass Mailing (in terms of server memory usage)

Couponic cares about your server memory usage. It is known that mass mailing makes a huge pressure on a server. That's why newsletters in Couponic are sent out by small groups every 10 minutes. This is achieved by using the cron job (scheduled task on your server).

Custom Newsletters

Couponic creates newsletters automatically but you can always create your own custom one.

Admin can create custom newsletters.

Management: Administrator and City Manager

Modules Installation and Management

Admin can install modules and enable/disable them.

Installation Screen.Manage Modules Screen.

Powerful Settings

Extremely wide range of settings of the application in general and each module separately will help you to control almost every feature that comes with Couponic.

Users Banning

Admin can ban any user account or even ban users by IP.

In this case user with such IP address will not be able to access your site at all.

Orders Management

If something didn't work out automatically admin can always manually control any order: authorize, charge, refund.

City Manager

City Manager is a sub-administrator which can manage deals and companies only within one/several cities which admin can specify during account creation.

Management: Merchant


If admin grants such permission - merchant can create deals and send them to admin for approval. Deal will show up on the site only after admin approval.

Merchants can create deals by themselves.Merchants can send deal for admin approval.


Merchants can view coupons, mark them as used and export them into .CSV format. Export feature also allows merchant to choose their system encoding (useful for international daily deal sites). That .CSV file can be used to print a list of coupons or simply be used offline.

Merchants can export coupons into .CSV format.

Management: Payment Systems

By default Couponic comes with several most popular payment gateways pre-integrated. But you are not obligated to use any of them. It is fairly easy to integrate almost any payment system into Couponic. More then a half of our customers have successfully integrated their own payment system into the script.

We have prepared all necessary code from our side, and you (or your programmer) will only have to add specific API calls to just one PHP file.

Further then that you can order integration from us. Development cost depends on the complexity of payment system API usage, so please contact us to get a quote.

Default Gateways


Credit Card Module

Couponic also includes credit card module by default. It allows your users to fill in their credit card info right on your site (without redirect to some payment system website).

Please note, that PHP script (and Couponic is a PHP script) cannot charge credit cards on it's own - there has to be something behind. User submits CC info on your site - Couponic collects this info and sends to the payment gateway, such as Paypal - Paypal processes this order and sends transaction result to Couponic. For user it all looks like he/she has paid directly to you, but actually it is still going through the payment gateway. So you will need to have an account with some payment system, that allows credit cards charging via API calls.

Paypal (Website Payments Pro accounts only) and Authorize.Net are the ones that support such API methods and since they are included into the script by default you will be able to start using credit card module as soon as you get an account with one of them.

Credit Card module allows you to achieve a true one-page-checkout user experience.

Credit card module and one-page-checkout user expierience.

Management: Monetization

How to make money with Couponic-powered website?

The most common way to make money with group buying site is a site commission.

It works this way:

  1. You have a daily deal site.
  2. Some merchant wants to advertise a special offer on your site.
  3. You create a deal for them and watch users buying coupons - at this point all money go to your account.
  4. When the deal closes Couponic automatically generates a new "pending" payment in your admin console: it automatically calculates total amount that has been collected, your commission and the amount you need to pay to the company.

Commission can be configured in admin console. You can set sitewide value, special value for the company and even special value for a particular deal.

Gift Module

Our Gift Module - read more here - is another wonderful opportunity to monetize on your site. It allows your users to buy coupons as gifts and present gift cards to their friends.


If your site will attract some seriuos amount of traffic you can always make money old fashion style - place some ads on your site. This can be easily done by adding codes into header/footer templates.

Management: Communication

Site Contact Forms

Contact Us

Simple "Contact Us" form with all usual fields in it.

Become a Partner

Contact form for businesses which want to run a deal on your site.

Suggest a Business

It also makes sense to allow your users to suggest companies they want to see featured on your site.

Contact Us Form.Become a Partner Form.Suggest a Business Form.

Management: Statistics

Site Overall Stats

Couponic automatically calculates total coupons bought and total money saved.

"Totals" automatic statistics.

Affiliate Codes

In order to track your sales it is likely that you need to install some affiliate or tracking code(s) on the payment "thank you" page. Fortrunately in Couponic you can do that easily in admin console.

Easily add affiliate / tracking codes on the payment thank you page from admin console.

Development & Design: Themes and Colors


As any other modern script Couponic is using templates - a mix of HTML and PHP completely separated from the programming logic. Absolutely any designer with basic PHP knowledge can edit Couponic templates without working with any complex PHP code.


Couponic Theme is a set of templates, images and CSS files. In order to customize a theme usually you only need to update some CSS styling and upload your images. Please, take a look at our Showcase to see the level of customization that can be achieved.


If you are not looking into any deep design changes and only want to modify default colors - you can do that from admin console and your changes will be pushed through across the script including web, mobile interface and emails.

Easily modify theme colors in admin.Colors get pushed through to the whole site.

Development & Design: CMS

Static Pages

With Couponic you can easily add new pages with your content to the site. You can also make links to such pages to be automatically added to the site main and footer menus.

Add static pages from admin console.Page can be accessed from the web and a link to it has been automatically added to the main and footer menus.


Similar to static pages you can also add HTML blocks to existing pages of your site.

Custom HTML block has been added to the site homepage.

Development & Design: Background Image

Admin can upload custom background image for a particular city or a deal.

Custom background for the city - appears for all pages within a city.Custom background for the deal - appears only on the deal view page.

Development & Design: Yii Framework

Couponic script is based on {framework} - fast, secure and professional PHP framework.

Focus on Couponic

Using a ready made framework works great for us and our customers - it allows our developers to focus on Couponic itself, it's functionality and usability rather then re-inventing the wheel and digging into some core PHP coding.


Yii Framework provides a full set of authentification tools, so when using Couponic you may be sure that it is secure and your data will not be compromised.


Built-in Yii caching and other features make your site prepared for large scale and high traffic.

Development & Design: Modular Structure

The greatest thing about Couponic is its modular structure. There is a core - essential package with default functionality - and it can be "extended" by modules.

But even the core consists of modules - this means that they can be extended as well.

Modules can be enabled/disabled with a single click in admin console.

With Couponic there's absolutely no limit in a way you can modify the way it works or looks.


Meta Tags

You can set keywords/description meta tags for the whole site and custom meta tags for every deal.

SEO-friendly URLs

All Couponic URLs are SEO-friendly.

Custom Meta Tags for the Site and Deal.SEO-friendly URLs.

GEO & SEO: Geo Location


When visitors come to your site for the first time Couponic extracts their current location from IP address.

Showing the Right City

Using visitor's current location info Couponic will redirect them to the correct city deals. If visitor's city is not supported by your site Couponic will find the closest city and redirect visitor there.

GEO & SEO: Internationalization

Country-Specific Settings

Couponic is ready to be used in absolutely any country. It will respect all possible settings: language, currency, timezone, date/number/money format.

Ready-Made Translations

Couponic has been translated to more then 10 languages so far. Contact us to find out if your language is available.

Translatable Content

If you plan to run a site in multiple languages then script built-in wording translation is not enough. You must have an ability to provide your content in multiple languages as well. Fortunately Couponic takes care about this in an amazingly comfortable way: every content-related text field has language tabs above giving you an ability to input field contents in multiple languages at the same time.

Languages Tabs for Every Field.

Right-to-Left Support

You can't say that the script can be used in any language if it doesn't respect text direction - left-to-right or right-to-left. Good news is that Couponic takes care about it as well.

Couponic fully supports right-to-left languages.

Extras: Mobile Interface

Mobile interaface is a special extension of the theme that has been designed specially for mobile phones.

When user visits your site from mobile phone Couponic knows about it and loads mobile interface automatically.

Couponic comes with mobile interface by default. This means that it is included even into our base version that costs $200.

Mobile interface looks and works like any native smartphone application.

Deal Main Page."My Coupons" Page.Coupon Printed View.

Extras: Custom Profile Fields

If you need to collect some extra information from your users when they sign up or edit their account you can easily add custom profile fields in admin.

You can choose between several preset field types: text field, radio buttons, drop down list and text area (for large inputs).

Fields can also be marked as "required" - in this case Couponic wouldn't let users proceed until they fill in that field.

Admin can add custom profile fields and make them required.Custom profile field has been added to user sign up and account management forms. This field has been marked as "required" by admin so the script wouldn't allow to proceed until it will be filled.

Extras: Redeem Locations

You already know that you can create multipled redeem locations for every deal, but in Couponic you can also require users to choose where they are going to redeem their coupon during purchase.

Merchants can then filter coupons by redeem location.

Users are required to choose redeem location.Merchants can filter coupons by redeem location.

Extras: More...

Custom Homepage

You can choose which page should server as a homepage (first/index page of the site): featured deal or all deals.

Featured Deal as a homepage.All Deals as a homepage.

Currency Convertion

If your payment provider doesn't support your currency this is not a problem with Couponic. You can still have all your prices shown in your currency across the site and have order amount converted to some universal currency right before user has to pay. You can configure convertion currency and rate.

"Credits Only" Mode

You can switch the site to work in a "credits only" mode. This is when users need to load funds into their account first and then use those credits to buy coupons from your site. Useful when you are going to sell very cheap coupons and commission per order would be higher then if user would place a larger order and will simply use credits to purchase coupons.

Emails Import Tool

Got a list of subscribers already? You can easily import it to Couponic using our emails import tool.

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