Discussions Module

Bulletin boards and forums are a wonderful way for your users to discuss various topics with like minded people. Further then that it's a great way for users to discuss deals and ask questions to deal providers directly.

Topics are automatically created for every deal.

Users can "follow" topics by email.

Admin can keep track of new topics and posts and configure the module not to show them until they get approved.

Topic is created for every deal automatically."All Topics" list of discussions.Discussion with posts sample.

Social Module

Facebook Connect

Almost the whole world is registered on Facebook - why require users to register on your site separately? With Social Module your visitors can login to your site using their Facebook account without registration.

For all Facebook-connected accounts avatars are automatically loaded from Facebook profile.

Deals Auto-Sharing

Social Module also includes auto-publishing to Facebook and Twitter. Every time you publish a deal it gets "shared" on your Facebook page and Twitter automatically.

Twitter auto-sharing converts your site link to a "short" format using bit.ly API on-the-fly!


Social Module adds Facebook and Twitter widgets on your page.

Facebook login button, Facebook and Twitter widgets on site homepage.Facebook Connect confirmation screen.Deal automatically shared on Facebook page's wall. Proper image has been pushed through as well.Deal automatically shared on Twitter. URL "shortened" by bit.ly

Referral Module

It is a common knowledge that referral sales are a great source of income which normally doesn't require any serious investments.

With Referral module you give each of your users an opportunity to earn money by referring their friends to your site.

Referrals will get a reward only if the person which they have referred actually buys a coupon.

Reward amount can be configured by admin.

Referral link can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Gift Module

Another great way to make money on your daily deal site is Gift Module.

It enables users to buy coupons as gifts and choose type of delivery (print or send by email).

It also allows users to buy a gift card. They can configure different card options, such as amount, recipient name, message, etc.

Recipient can redeem gift card and get credits deposited into their account. These credits can be later used to pay for coupons.

Gift Modules enables users to buy coupons as gifts and send a gift card.Gift cards compose screen.

MailChimp Module

While Couponic has a built-in email functionality it is not a professional mass-mailing software. It uses standard server tools to send emails, such as PHP mail, sendmail or SMTP.

If your subscribers database is going to be huge or you simply want to take advantage of MailChimp features this module will help you to delegate all mass-mailing tasks to MailChimp.

Integration is fully automated: when someone subscribes on the site they are automatically subscribed in MailChimp. When you publish the deal a newsletter is automatically created and properly scheduled in MailChimp as well.

Site subscribers are automatically pushed into MailChimp list.Deal newsletters are automatically created and scheduled in MailChimp. Template and styling is pushed through as well.

Feed Module

Have you heard about Yipit.com or other deal aggregators? They parse group buying sites feeds to collect deals info and display all of them on one site.

Getting your deals listed on aggregators is a perfect way to gain a lot of new traffic and potential buyers.

With Feed module you can add an ability to generate aggregator specific feeds to your site.

Feed Module generates aggregator-specific feeds.

SMS Module

Printed coupon or even coupon loaded online on the smartphone works great, but it is not as comfortable as coupon delivered to your users as an SMS.

Coupon ID and redemption code - this is pretty much all user needs to know to use the coupon. Short Message (SMS) is a very fast and efficient way to deliver coupon to the user.

SMS Module comes with pre-integrated SMS gateways:


Feed Module generates aggregator-specific feeds.

Goods Module

Goods Module turns your coupons selling site into a powerful e-commerce shop and allows you to sell tangible products from your site, not just coupons.

Admin can create product options for the deal, such as size, color, etc. which users can select during purchase.

Users must fill in shipping info upon purchase and the script will automatically calculate and add shipping cost to the order amount.

Goods module also calculates Tax.

Admin can setup shipping costs based on location and default tax rate.Admin can add custom options/questions to every deal.Admin can specify custom tax rate and product weight (used in shipping calculation) for every deal.Users are required to input shipping address. Script calculates tax and shipping cost automatically.

Affiliate Module

Referral Module enables your users to share their referral links and earn commissions when their friends buy coupons from your site. But that's not enough for professional affiliates who can drastically increase your traffic and sales. That's where Affiliate Module can help.

Affiliates can promote your site using:

  • affiliate links generated by a handy bookmarklet
  • widgets which they can embed to their website or blog
  • their own widgets which they can develop using affiliate API

Affiliates can choose how to withdraw their earnings: convert to on-site creditds, transfer to Paypal, transfer to bank.

Affiliates have access to the full stats of their sales and earnings.

Affiliates can embed widgets into their sites or blogs.Affiliates can promote deals using affiliate links generated by a bookmarklet on any page of your site.Advanced affiliates can even developer their own widgets using affiliate API.Admin has full access to affiliates statistics.

Mobile Apps: Overview

Mobile app is a software developed specially for modern phones, such as iPhone or Android-powered smartphones.

Mobile app code is compiled - it is not open and can't be edited like HTML or PHP. That's why when you buy any mobile app from us we include basic design changes to your order: background, main colors, logo.

Once modifications are done and you are happy with your app it can be published on apps store (Apple App Store or Google Play - depends on the platform of the app).

We can publish it for you under your name or you can do it yourself. In any case it will be your app and not associated with us in any way.

Mobile Apps: User Mobile App

Users can:

  • select language
  • select city
  • view featured deal
  • locate deal redeem locations using Google Maps widget
  • share deal via email, facebook and twitter
  • login to their account
  • buy coupons
  • load their coupons
  • open coupon print view with qr code

User Mobile App for iPhone

Today's Deal.Deal Location on Google Maps."My Coupons".Coupon and QR code.

User Mobile App for Android

Today's DealMode Deals NearbyMy CouponsCoupon InfoCoupon Redeem Location on Google Maps

Mobile Apps: Merchant Mobile App

Merchants can:

  • login to their account
  • change language
  • input redemption code manually
  • scan qr code
  • view coupon status
  • mark coupon as used

Merchant Mobile App for iPhone

Merchants can input redemption code manually.Merchants login.Merchants can view coupon info and mark it as used.

Merchant Mobile App for Android

Merchants can input redemption code manually.Merchants can scan QR code.Merchants can view coupon info and mark it as used.
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