Installation Guide

1. Download The Script and Setup Your License.

Once you've completed your payment your account with Pinnect becomes active. You can login to your account here:

UniProgy Account Login

Simply input your email and password and hit the 'Login' button. If you forgot your login info click on the 'Forgot your password?' link to recover it. If you have successfully logged in you will be redirected to your account and the 'My Products' tab will be autoloaded as in the image below.

License Setup

On this page you will always be able to find products which are awaiting for setup.

Click on the 'Setup' link and input your website URL – the website where the Pinnect script will be installed in. This must be a full URL including http:// prefix. As soon as you submit your website URL the page will be reloaded and the product will be gone from the 'My Products' page. Click on the 'My Licenses' link in the right-hand side menu after that.

License Key and Script Download

Download the latest stable release of the script and save the license key for the future use.

2. Upload Files and Create The Database.

  1. Unzip all files from the Pinnect zip package and upload all of them to your site home directory via FTP. Home directory is a special directory on your server where you need to upload files to get the site published on the web. The actual location depends on the system which your server uses, but usually it's 'public_html' or 'httpdocs'.
  1. Rename protected/config/initial directory to protected/config/public.

  2. Create MySQL user and database.

3. Launch Installer.

If you have uploaded Pinnect files directly to your site home directory simply point your browser to *:

If you have uploaded Pinnect to a subdirectory (ex.: /public_html/pinnect) then point your browser to *:

* - make sure to replace with your domain name.

Login to the installer with the following credentials Username: admin Password: password

Pinnect  Installer Login

Submit your license key.

Pinnect  License Key

4. Install Pinnect.

Simply follow the installer instructions. At some point it will require to change permissions for certain directories and files. This procedure is almost exactly the same in all FTP clients, so here's a tutorial for SmartFTP that you can safely use even if you have another client: SmartFTP Tutorial

5. Your pinterest clone is ready to go!