Subscription-based social networking script Bitfan

Start your own OnlyFans Clone in a matter of minutes!

Ways to Earn


Creators can charge fans monthly for access to their channel and content. Once initiated by the user payment is processed automatically every month until they unsubscribe.

Subscription Bundles

Creators can offer discounts for longer subscription periods.

Creators can charge for subscription in OnlyFans Clone
Locked posts is another great way to earn on a site similar to OnlyFans

Locked Posts

Creators can set a price to lock a particular post. Users will have to make a one-time payment to open access to it.

Pay-per-View Messages

Creators can send their fans locked messages. Users have to make a one-time payment to unlock message and access content.

PPV messages is a prefect monetization option for subscription-based social networking OnlyFans clone
Tips give fans an opportunity to gratitude creators at any time in subscription-based script Bitfan


Another perfect way to help your creators earn more is to allow their fans to send tips whenever the like. Tips are integrated into posts, profiles and messages. Users can specify amount and custom message. Creator is notified about incoming tip.

Advanced Features

Advanced post settings will enhance overall creator expirience in your subscription-based script.

Multiple Media Content

Creators can add multiple images and videos to their post.


Creators can attach polls to their posts.

Expiration and Schedule

Expiration setting allows posts to not be shown after certain amount of time. Schedule allows to publish post at some point of time in the future, not immediately.

Video Screenshot

Creators can choose screenshot for uploaded video.

Choose video screenshot - another advanced feature or BitFan
Mass Messaging is a powerful feature for users of your own OnlyFans Clone or subscription-based social script

Mass Messaging

Creators can send mass messages to various lists, such as to all Fans or Recent contacts.

Mass messages are a great way to keep the audience engaged and help your creators earn more.

PWA (Progressive Web App)

  • Fully functional cached app is stored on user device
  • It has it's own icon as any other normal app
  • It opens within it's own window, not a browser
  • Acts and feels like a normal mobile app
  • Pixel-prefect adaptive design works on any screen without any glitches
It wouldn't be a true full clone of OnlyFans without PWA feature.

Ready-to-Go Full-Featured Solution


List of recent posts, suggestions.


Shows a list of recent activities associated with the user: new comments, likes, etc.


Full-featured messaging system with "delivered" (checkmark) and "read" (double checkmark) indicators.


Users can bookmark posts.


Users can bookmark creators accounts and arrange them to custom lists.


Users can subscribe to creators channels and manage their subscriptions.

Payment Providers

PayPal and Centrobill (credit card payments) are integrated by default. We will integrate any other provider of your choice for free!

Social Logins

Sign in via Google is integrated by default. We will integrate any other social login option for free!

Free Installation

We will install Bitfan on your server free of charge. We also provide FULL SOURCE CODE with your order.


Our live demo has been loaded with a number of demo accounts, posts, comments, etc. so you can get a feeling of what a real live web application would look and work like.

Both user and admin login forms are prefilled. Please note that user and admin use the same authorization session, so when logging in as user it will overwrite admin session and vice versa. Basically you should test user interface first, then switch to admin.

Demo is reset every hour with default settings and content.

Launch User Demo Launch Admin Demo