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Bitfan is a ready-made OnlyFans clone script which allows you to launch your own subscription-based creator network in almost no time. We offer affordable prices, professional support, free installation and 100% open source code.
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Online Demo

User Demo
User Interface
Our live demo has been loaded with a number of demo accounts, posts, comments, etc. so you can get a feeling of what a real live web application would look and work like.
Demo is reset every hour with default settings and content.
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Admin Interface
Please note that user and admin use the same authorization session, so when logging in as user it will overwrite admin session and vice versa. Basically you should test user interface first, then switch to admin.
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Admin Demo

Key Features

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Social Logins

Users can log in via normal email/password flow or via one of popular social networks or platforms accounts.

Paid Content

Creators can make their content available only to paid subscribers or hide individual posts behind a paywall similar to OnlyFans.
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PayPal, Stripe, SecurionPay (accepts adult) and Centrobill payment gateways are integrated by default.

Likes & Comments

Standard social networking features for OnlyFans clone script are included: comments, likes and sharing.


Notifications and messages are TRUE real-time and instant. User doesn't need to refresh the page to see an update.


Another great way for creators to earn money with OnlyFans clone - fans can send tips to creators. Such feature is available for every post, chat message and on a profile page.


Any custom language can be easily added via a single language file translation. RTL is fully supported.

PPV Messages

Creators can send their content via pay-per-view direct messages to their fans. Stats shows that such method brings additional 30% of sales to each creator.


Media files uploaded by creators will start to take large amount of disk space at some point. With Bitfan you can easily switch to cloud storage, such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or DigitalOcean Spaces.

Source Code

Our OnlyFans clone includes 100% open source code. This means that you can customize absolutely everything, from look and feel to general functionality.


Entire application follows strict security protocols. It is fully protected against database injection, CSRF attacks, XSS scripting and passwords are heavily encrypted.


Creators can offer special prices for longer periods of subscription in our OnlyFans clone script. Such as 30% off for 6 months or 50% off for 12 months of subscription.

Advanced Features

OnlyFans Clone Script Responsive Interface & PWA
Responsive Interface & PWA
Pixel-perfect design for ALL screen sizes, whether it's a desktop, a tablet or a phone. No needless scrolls, menus auto-collapse, all items resize accordingly.
Bitfan comes with a built-in Progressive Web App (PWA). It has its own icon and opens in its own window, not a browser. It looks and acts exactly like a normal mobile app.
Browser Frame
Progressive Frontend
Forget about full page reloads for every link click or button press - your users deserve cutting edge technology when using your platform. Bitfan frontend is based on Vue.js framework which is responsible for the best user experience, just like the original OnlyFans.
Browser Frame
Media Uploader
Upload images and videos, watch upload progress, select screenshot for a video - all necessary features of the OnlyFans clone script are already there. Don't settle for boring "Choose File..." buttons with no interactivity, let your creators enjoy the process!
Easily add user engagement by letting your creators add a poll to their post. It will help creators understand their audience better and even increase sales. An OnlyFans clone feature.
Schedule & Expiration
Schedule & Expiration
Creators can plan their posts ahead of time. They can prepare a post and get it published at a certain day and time. They can also specify when it should "expire" and get removed from the feed and profile. An OnlyFans clone script feature.
Mass Messaging
Mass Messaging
Direct messaging is an essential feature for an OnlyFans clone. It drives more sales, it keeps fans engaged. Mass messaging enables creators to send the same message to all of their fans at the same time, whether there are hundreds, thousands or millions of them.

Technology Stack

Laravel Logo
Robust, secure and ready for large scale PHP framework. Backend that is fully protected against hacker attacks and ready to handle millions of users.
Vue Logo
Progressive JavaScript Framework. Truly interactive user interface that your users deserve.
Bootstrap Logo
The world's most popular frontend open source toolkit. Makes your website look excellent on any screen.
Pusher Logo
Leader in real-time technologies. Let your users receive notifications and chat messages instantly.
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What's included?

100% open source code for both backend and frontend
Free installation on your server and initial configuration
Basic customization: icon, logo, wording and color scheme

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