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Live Video Streaming App

Social Networking

Users can login with Twitter, share stream on Twitter, follow/un-follow other users within the app. Any other social network can be integrated for login or sharing.

Live Streaming Videos

Users can broadcast live streaming videos, other users can join and watch them. Recent streams can be also replayed, if other users have missed it when it was live.

Likes and Chat

Users can post real-time messages while watching the live stream, bringing the never-seen-before level of communication with the broadcaster. Users can like what they see by tapping on the screen. It will cause a beautiful heart animation to appear for viewers and for the author of the stream.

Push Notifications

Every time user goes online all their followers get push notifications on their devices about that.


Professional API handles all communications between app and server.

Admin Console

Full control over your users and streams. You can view reported streams, shutdown streams, ban users and modify various site and app settings.

User End

Watching streams on the web is no way different from the app experience: live and on-demand videos, likes and chat work and look as if you're using the app.

High Quality Video

Video streaming is powered by the Wowza Streaming Engine - the world leader in video streaming services.

Source Code

We will provide full source code for both mobile app and server side scripts. This means that you are free to modify everything, from design to programming.

Data Streaming

"Likes" and live chat are powered by PubNub - world leader in realtime data streams.

Amazon Integration

Web scripts are running on Amazon EC2 cloud, giving you an ability to upgrade or downgrade your servers easily depending on your requirements. Avatars and videos are stored on Amazon S3, bringing bandwidth and storage expenses to the lowest possible level.

Free Installation

Video streaming service can be pretty tricky to deploy. We provide full installation services, including server setup, basic mobile app changes (such as colors and logos) and App Store submission assistance.
All of this - free of charge!


iOS App

periscope meerkat clone

Android App

periscope meerkat clone

Web Interface


This is the example of how users will see streams if they choose to watch them through the web.

Admin Console


This demo admin console is filled with fake users and streams. Feel yourself free to play around because it gets automatically restored every hour.